Bu Konuda Sadece İngilizce Konuşuyoruz (English Club)


18 Ekim 2015
That's a really nice topic, thanks bro. :A @Tolstoyevski

So let's talk; when are you reading Shingeki No Kyojin? :A In English, of course... :A
I think this is the best way to enter this kind of topic. You're goddamn right bro... :A When this SABAR lover will start to read SNK manga, WHENN...
@MEnes , get out of Sherlock's account!
Maybe i get out of accounts but i don't get out of humans inside... :A

Shingeki is an epic story which freezes our bloods. :A

What about the derby? :A
SNK manga is more epic than the only anime... :A And i can say 'kan dondurucu' means bloodcurdling in English... :A Don't give false informations please... :A

By the way, this topic is awesome. I liked it... I was good at it... Hmmm, no no this is not the place for this... :A :A